The Benefits of Limestone Flooring

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Natural stone tiled floors are one of the most in-demand upgrades homeowners are seeking these days. These timeless and beautiful upgrades to the home are well worth the investment in time and money due to their many benefits, including longevity, return on investment and value retention, and beauty. One incredible entry-level natural stone product is limestone, which offers amazing benefits and lower prices than granite or marble. Limestone flooring tiles continue to increase in their demand, usage and options to potential buyers.
What is Limestone?
Limestone is a natural stone product, commonly used in the homes and in other applications. Limestone is actually a sedimentary rock that is both porous and hygroscopic. It is mainly composed of different forms of calcium carbonate as well as coral or foraminifera. Due to its natural appearance, versatility and advantages it has become a choice material for both interior designers and landscapers for flooring.
Strength and Durability
One of the major benefits of limestone is the durability and strength that it offers. Limestone is one of the hardest materials in the world, which means it will not easily break, chip or otherwise get damaged from heavy items being placed on it. As a result, it is a great flooring material. In fact, many art galleries and museums use limestone on their high-traffic floors where heavy pieces might be resting.
Natural Elegance
Limestone looks all-natural – and that is because it is all natural. It comes in a variety of shades, textures and colours, which can pull a room together while bringing outdoor beauty inside. It has a slightly dull luster, which actually works to pair with other interior decorations and furniture better than other flooring material. Its natural beauty is most pronounced in a bathroom.
Another major benefit of limestone is the maintenance it requires – little. While limestone is prone to some minor scratching, its natural dull luster hides many of the scratches and will remain hidden to most viewers. That said, for significant scratches, it is possible to clean them up with a little bit of intensive repairs. Another huge aspect of their low maintenance is their resistance to both stains and moisture. Floors are prone to being spilled on, which can lead to staining of lesser flooring alternatives such as hardwood or carpet, but with limestone simply running a mop over them will clean it right up. In addition, because it is moisture resistant, you have no worries about it seeping through the floor.
Overall, the benefits of limestone flooring tiles are significant. They are beautiful to look at, strong enough to last for decades, and durable enough to handle nearly any heavy object placed on them. They deliver natural elegance to any room or home, and remain unscratched, moisture and stain resistant for just as long as they are durable. Limestone flooring is a great option for any homeowner.